We are excited to announce that we are offering a CIT program for 14 and 15 year olds at Perkiomen Pines Day Camp this summer!

Why CIT’s?

The CIT Program at Perkiomen Pines Day Camp is the perfect opportunity for young teens, interested in making a positive impact on children, to learn the skills necessary to become employed as a camp counselor. The CIT’s will learn important life skills such as leadership development, teamwork, communication, management and cooperation throughout the summer. By providing spirit and energy to their bunk, CIT’s will build confidence in themselves and our campers.

What are CIT’s?

Former Perkiomen Pines campers are welcomed and encouraged to participate in our CIT program, where they enjoy the “best of both worlds” in that they are campers transitioning into roles of more responsibility. With the support and guidance of the CIT director and other Perkiomen Pines staff, our aim is to prepare our CITs to be employed by Perkiomen Pines Day Camp the following summer while still providing fun and recreational camper activities. CITs will reach Perkiomen Pines objectives by the following means:

  • Hands on learning by shadowing and assisting Perkiomen Pines staff to manage a bunk
  • Observation of staff teaching and coaching techniques
  • Participation in activities, special events, and meetings
  • Discussions/Info sessions with peers, mentors and supervisors
  • Evaluation, feedback, and assessment from peers, supervisors and self

CIT Schedule

CITs will shadow Senior and Junior Counselors in a bunk during the daily activities of the day, including swimming. CIT’s will have 1 period each day, as a group, with activities just for them. Each day the CITs will have a morning meeting with the CIT director. The purpose of these meetings may vary but are essential to the structure of the CIT program in promoting the exchange of ideas and learning amongst the CITs. Guest counselors and directors will attend certain meetings to share their ideas and expectations and/or offer specific guidance on topics or situations as they may arise. The full schedule of these meetings will be part of the CIT handbook distributed at the pre-camp CIT meeting.

CIT Dates & Pricing

  • CIT - 4 Weeks: June 28th thru July 23rd $1,060 ($265/wk)
  • CIT - 6 Weeks: June 28th thru August 6th $1,530 ($255/wk)
  • CIT - 8 Weeks: June 28th thru August 20th $1,920 ($240/wk)


CIT Info

All CIT’s and their parents will have a pre-camp meeting with our Head Director and CIT Director to review the program, as well as go over the expectations we have for them during the summer. CITs will receive a handbook and Perkiomen Pines t-shirts. CITs are campers with limited counselor responsibilities. This is their time to work with and observe seasoned counselors, grow as individuals, learn crucial skills about caring for children and most importantly HAVE FUN as they do!!!